Raise Assets & Own Liquidity With Defi Bonds

Unlock the power of your protocol with Mizu's bond platform. Create and manage your bonds easily on multiple EVM chains.

Multichain & Multi AMM Compatibility

It doesn't matter which chain your protocol is built on, as long as it is EVM compatible. Our protocol can also work with any AMM/DEX based on UniswapV2 smart contracts.

One Protocol — Endless Use Cases

Raise & Own Liquidity

With the Bonding mechanism, you can acquire LP tokens for your AMM pair, thus reducing token emissions and ensuring permanent liquidity. Your protocol should own its liquidity, instead of being held hostage by costly mercenary LP providers.

Raise Strategical Assets

The bonding mechanism provides you with a way to increase strategic resources, such as stablecoins and native tokens (e.g., ETH, BNB), which can be leveraged for development and strategic investments, reducing the risk of insolvency and protecting your users.

Diversify Treasury

Protect your protocol from volatility with a diversified treasury; raise stablecoins, LP tokens, and put them to work so that your protocol will no longer be overexposed to its native tokens. A diversified treasury will help turn all market phases into opportunities.

Go Multichain Easily

Leveraging the advantages of asset accrual and liquidity control, it is now easier than ever to deploy onto other blockchains, boosting the Total Value Locked (TVL) and bringing in more users. Take advantage of the multiple-chain setup to experience all of its benefits and maximize your potential.

POL & Bonds VS Liquidity Mining

Bonds and Protocol-Owned Liquidity are solving many problems introduced by liquidity mining.

Token Inflation
Up to 100%+
Permanent Liquidity
Impermanent Loss
Raise Assets
Earn Fees
Diversify Treasury
Long Term Investors

Of liquidity providers that enters on launch day leave within 24 hours.


Of users who provide liqudity to your pair will have left by the third day.


Of protocols rely on liquidity mining and mercenary LPs.

How Does It Work?

We made it so easy to issue Defi Bonds that any protocol can start offering them to their users with no hassle and in little to no time.


DeployStart by deploying your smart contracts with our Bond Factory


InitializeSet the Bonds as you need, customizing payin, payout, discount and vestings


PromoteTell your users that they can start bonding for discounted tokens


EnjoyGet all the benefits of POL and a diversified DAO treasury

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With the rise of decentralized protocols comes the need for permanent liquidity. By owning their own liquidity, protocols can ensure liquidity permanence and security for their users.

The first step should be reading our exhaustive documentation carefully. After that, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server.

We only used the best security practices when developing our protocol; however, we are now awaiting an audit from one of the top security firms in the market to ensure that our protocol is truly secure and meets the highest industry standards.

We are the most innovative protocol on the market. As pioneers in this new market sector, you won’t have any other choice outside of Mizu for having the smoothest transition to DeFi 2.0.

Our team is composed of professionals with experience in Blockchain technologies and market dynamics. We are passionate about our work and we strive to solve major problems in DeFi to create a healthier ecosystem for all the parties involved in the market.

Our bonds don’t support Uniswap V3 NFT LP yet; however, you can still raise V2 LPs and easily migrate them to your V3 pool afterwards using the Uniswap migrator.


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