Smartly Swap Tokens & LP with OmniZap Dapp

Unlock the Power of Decentralized Finance - Instantly Swap Tokens, Add Liquidity in One Click, and Turn LP Tokens Into Any Token with OmniZap!


Smart features

Simplify Token Swaps

Our platform automatically detects the best available rate on multiple DEXs and swaps it quickly and securely.
It also allow multiple swaps in one transaction!

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Single Service

Add Liquidity in One Click

Effortlessly add or remove liquidity with just one click! Our advanced platform makes it easy to quickly and securely add or remove liquidity to any DEX v2 pair.

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Smart features

Turn LP Into Any Token

Easily convert your LP tokens with OmniZap! Choose from a wide selection of tokens or even other DEX LP tokens. Finally it's fast and simple to swap LP tokens.



Multiple swaps

Experience the convenience of multiple swaps in a single transaction! With OmniZap, you can now make multiple swaps with ease, saving you time and effort.



Integrate protocols

Take your protocol to the next level with OmniZap. Our team of experts is ready to help you seamlessly integrate OmniZap into your existing infrastructure.

Multichain & Multi AMM Compatibility

It doesn't matter which chain your protocol is built on, as long as it is EVM compatible. OmniZap can also work with any AMM/DEX based on UniswapV2 smart contracts.

More Mizu Solutions

We know for a fact that our solutions will play a major role in the success of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

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With the rise of decentralized protocols comes the need for permanent liquidity. By owning their own liquidity, protocols can ensure liquidity permanence and security for their users.

The first step should be reading our exhaustive documentation carefully. After that, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server.

We only used the best security practices when developing our protocol; however, we are now awaiting an audit from one of the top security firms in the market to ensure that our protocol is truly secure and meets the highest industry standards.

We are the most innovative protocol on the market. As pioneers in this new market sector, you won’t have any other choice outside of Mizu for having the smoothest transition to DeFi 2.0.

Our team is composed of professionals with experience in Blockchain technologies and market dynamics. We are passionate about our work and we strive to solve major problems in DeFi to create a healthier ecosystem for all the parties involved in the market.

Our bonds don’t support Uniswap V3 NFT LP yet; however, you can still raise V2 LPs and easily migrate them to your V3 pool afterwards using the Uniswap migrator.


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