Mizu Token

Mizu Token is the native governance token for the Mizu ecosystem. Additionally, holders of the token gain access to exclusive privileges on the platform.



Propose, Vote and Delegate

Mizu Token is a revolutionary utility token that enables users to make their voices heard in a secure, decentralized, and trustless environment.

Action+track_changes_R Shadowless


Buyback and Burn

With our Buyback and Burn system, we buy tokens back from the open market and then destroy them, reducing the total circulation of our tokens.


Exclusive privileges

Be one of the select few to enjoy exclusive privileges as a Mizu token holder, including discounts, whitelists, and other special benefits!



Rewards and more

Rewards for the token holders and community members will be available as the ecosystem expands, providing incentives to those who contribute to its growth.

Our Protocol

Mizu Protocol is a decentralized platform that allows users to issue and manage Defi bonds with ease. Our protocol provides users with the tools they need to raise capital and gain access to liquidity. With Mizu Protocol, users can create, manage, and buy bonds quickly and securely on multiple EVM chains. With our platform, you can unlock the power of your protocol and gain access to more liquidity. Join us and start leveraging the power of Defi bonds today!

More Info Coming Soon

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